Game 1: Data Summary -1


  • 重點
    • 登錄錯誤 不合邏輯 typo illogical errors
    • 關於這個資料,我關心的是什麼? What’s my focal concern?
    • 中央/中心 Center/Central Tendency
    • 分散/變異 Spread/Variation
    • 離群值  Outliers
    • 常態與否 Normality (symmetry, modes, etc)
  • Numerical Summary
    • Mean, Median, Mode(s)
    • Five-point summary
    • Standard deviation, IQR (Q3-Q1)
  • Graphical Summary
    • stem-and-leaf plot
    • Box plot
    • Histogram
    • Normal Probability Plot
  • R code: datasummary.r, 參考 midterm summary
  • Code Editor: Visual Studio, Notepad++

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