Game 6: 我考得如何?幾分會過?

動機問題:如何理解(老師/助教)公佈的成績資料?如何利用部份訊息來大致推估整體狀況? 參考資料:2016 統計學課網


If it is reasonable assuming normality, these questions can be easily answered by computing F(x)=P(X \leq x) and F^{-1}(p) where X \sim N(\mu, \sigma^2), the cdf and quantile of a normal random variable. In R, they can be calculated using pnorm, qnorm functions.

Diagnosis and Remedial Measures: In many scenarios, even the data in original scale is far from normal, the normal approach still works after suitable transformations.

R code: g6class.r


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